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"Not that it’s all heavy psychological stuff: Connar Brown as all seven of the aforementioned brothers and as the puppeteer for the Frog Prince delivers assured physical comedy".

"To me, one cast member really stole the show, Connar Brown. This cast member was outstanding, she did a 2-minute fight scene with 7 men, none of them were present, but you really believe she was fighting them and taking punches and being thrown around the bar." 

"As with the last production, the highlight is definitely the cast. Returning cast members...Connar Brown as Rumplestiltskin [was] again fantastic, flinging themselves into the parts with glee."

"Connar Brown appearing as Rumplestiltskin, among several other roles, was also fantastic in the role. There’s a thin line between over and under performing this kind of story, and she walked it easily throughout the show."

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