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Parallel Lines
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Spec Pilot: A group of strangers find themselves in a waiting room for different reasons, and can't remember how they got there...

Co-Written, Edited, Directed, Produced by me.


A group of ragtag survivors take an enemy hostage

after one of their daughters is killed.

Co-Written, Co-Produced by me.

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Platonic Girlfriend Season 2

Season 2 of the hit web-series Platonic Girlfriend. More adventures with Dev, Daisy, and The Neighbor.

Co-Directed, Co-Produced, Edited by me.


A Person buys a new house...not knowing it came with a ghostly roommate. 

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by me.

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Dance Class

Nothing like an amateur taking a ZOOM dance class.

Written, Edited by me.

Flesh Puppet

What is a puppeteer without a puppet? What is a puppet without a puppeteer?

Written, Directed, Edited by me.

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Swipe Left

Dating is HARD. But you know what’s not? Ordering from Doordash.

Written, Edited by me.

Annie's Self Care

Annie is stuck inside during the quarantine, and wants to share some activities to keep her active. 

Written, Directed, Edited by me.

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Drip Drop Rolling Thunder

A music video for Mr Nick Davio's song, Drip Drop Rolling Thunder

Directed, Produced, Edited by me.

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