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Parallel Lines
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Spec Pilot: A group of strangers find themselves in a waiting room for different reasons, and can't remember how they got there...

Co-Written, Edited, Directed, Produced by me.


A group of ragtag survivors take an enemy hostage

after one of their daughters is killed.

Co-Written, Co-Produced by me.

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Platonic Girlfriend Season 2

Season 2 of the hit web-series Platonic Girlfriend. More adventures with Dev, Daisy, and The Neighbor.

Co-Directed, Co-Produced, Edited by me.


A Person buys a new house...not knowing it came with a ghostly roommate. 

Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by me.

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Dance Class

Nothing like an amateur taking a ZOOM dance class.

Written, Edited by me.

Flesh Puppet

What is a puppeteer without a puppet? What is a puppet without a puppeteer?

Written, Directed, Edited by me.

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Swipe Left

Dating is HARD. But you know what’s not? Ordering from Doordash.

Written, Edited by me.

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